Saturday, September 3

Just Begin!!!

We wait

We wait for the right time, the right amount of money, the right business partner/romantic partner/mentor. We wait for a sign, a disaster, a miracle. We wait until: we have a degree, the kids are grown, the dog is in college, the car is paid off, the grass is green. We wait until we have done our research, until we know 'enough'. We wait until we have everything 'perfect'.  We wait for summer or fall or for the first snowfall.

We wait until we think it's too late.

We wait.

Change the word wait to waste. . . .because that is essentially what we are doing when we wait. Wasting. We are wasting time (aka LIFE)  procrastinating.

Admittedly this is my greatest weakness when it comes to embarking on some endeavors. For many a year now I have been feeling the need to find a creative outlet. Beyond knowing that, it seems to get stuck in the 'waiting' phase while time wastes away.

The ideas. . .I have SO many! I am not at a loss when I brainstorm but then I go about researching, contemplating, thinking, researching more, gathering ideas, seeing what others are doing, etc. etc. yet seem to never simply begin.

"The path to success is to take massive and determined action." Tony Robbins

So, here and now I will BEGIN. I will begin to write, this blog, a novel. . .even if I am not completely certain where it will take me of if I have done 'enough research'. I will move in any direction but I will move. I will begin. . .and it will be magical!!!

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