Q & A

What does the name Savannah Bleu mean?/Who is Savannah Bleu?

~I wish I had a great story behind it but I just simply liked the name, 'Savannah' is a beautiful and classic name to me and 'Bleu' with the spelling as it is evokes a bit of a French twist. I designed a small line of canvas bags once and used the name for them. Someday I may feel the call to design again and would love to have the name become a brand!

Where do you get you blog ideas?

~I try to find ideas that are relevant to my life and lifestyle as well as topics that my readers (hopefully) find relevant to them. The hardest part for me is to FOCUS on a niche. My mind and interests are all over the board. I was told by someone once to just begin writing from my heart and the niche would develop itself. (Let's see if/how that works!)

Can I use your pictures on my own blog?

~As long as you give credit and create a link back to my blog you may use them. . .and I would be honored!

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